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leader is castroneves who was eighth today. >>> mark weber is reiding the pits. it turns into a projectile that takes out a camera man with his back turned. . bad as it looks the camera man was taken away for observation. he yelled off kunnen to win over his country man. it was the third win of the year for the defending champion. >>> it's quite an eventful week for the warriors. they acquired players, lost players to free agency. there's no shortage of ways to improve your game during the offseason. >> action. >> reporter: warriors forward harrison barnes is a perfectionist. this week he spent the week in novato. barnes wasn't happy with the way someone else portrayed him in last year's version of the game. >> i didn't like the way my shot looked. i definitely wanted to go in and fix that. and also come out and have some fun. i've never had a chance to do this before. so this is a great opportunity. >> were you nervous with what you expected. >> oh yeah, you had to come in right with your acting skills. bridging a gap between a 7-year- old and 30-year-old and it's really
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1